What You Need To Know About Installing A Stair Lift In Your Home


When you live in a house with multiple stories but getting up and down the stairs is challenging, you may want to consider adding a stair lift that allows you to ride up and down. Stairs lifts can also accommodate people with wheelchairs by adding a platform in place of the seat to make it safer for anyone with mobility issues to use both floors of the house. 

Assessing The Stairs

If you are considering a lift for your home, it is vital to meet with a contractor with experience installing stair lifts. The installer will check the stairs to ensure that they can put a stair lift in safely, and then they can go over the models and accessories available for your home. 

There are safety features you should have, like a seat belt for chair lifts and a locking system for stair lifts set up for a wheelchair or mobility scooter. The lift installer can discuss the entire process with you, recommend the lift for your needs, and then start the installation.

Weight Capacity

Most stair lifts have a weight capacity that is high enough to account for the person on the chair lift and the wheelchair if they use one or some other items that must go up and down the stairs with the. When buying a chair lift with a seat on it, the lift must support the rider and the hardware for the seat and platform the rider uses. 

There are many different stair lifts on the market, so you may want to find an independent installer that works with several different companies to help you choose the right lift for your home. The lift uses a track that sits tightly against the wall, so the weight of the unit and the rider are supported on the framing in the house, ensuring the lift can not pull loose. 

In older homes, that may mean drilling through some plaster or attaching lag bolts through the molding. If your house is historic, discuss your concerns with the contractor or installer so they can help determine how to best support the lift without damaging items in the home.

Lift Accessories

There are some stair lifts that offer things like key fobs that allow you to call the lift if it is in the wrong position on the stairs for your needs. If you live alone and have a lift installed, you may want an emergency call button installed so that if the stair lift gets stuck, you can call for help.

There are some accessories to help get on and off the lift, many different chair sizes and styles, and seat belts that are longer for people that need them. The chair lift company can go over the options with you so you can pick your lift when you are ready.


12 October 2022

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