Selecting EMR Software For Your Internal Medicine Practice


As an internist, you work hard to care for the bodies of your patients. As a medical professional in charge of their own practice, you've also got to work to protect and efficiently handle patient records and bills. Electronic medical records software, also called EMR software, is a tool that should make your entire office work better, particularly when you consider EMR software created for internal medicine practitioners. You might be unclear about what specifics you should want in such software; consider these features.

Time-Saving Measures

Anything that saves time in a busy office is worth seeking out, and the EMR software you ultimately get should have many ways of doing that. For instance, your software might scan first-time patient questionnaires, go on to "read" them and fill out relevant information in their records. Some software platforms allow prescriptions orders to be placed directly through the program.


Throughout your practice of internal medicine, you deal with many body systems. Starting new charts whenever you see a patient with health conditions you've seen before can be repetitive and frustrating. That's why templates are vital to any EMR software; you can document diabetic information, bloodwork, relevant disease codes and other common information without having to start fresh each time. Look for software with templates that you are likely to use regularly and see how often they're updated.


You and nurses on your staff might be knowledgeable enough to treat patients, but having extra security through your software that can alert you to possible trouble is helpful. Look for EMR software that notifies you if there are prescription drug interactions or pulse, oxygenation or blood pressure values that need further attention.

Good Customer Service

At times, you may have questions about your work using the software. It's essential that contact with the software company is easy and quick. Ensure that wait times on the phone don't go too long by contacting them via phone a time or two before you ever purchase a particularly company's EMR software. For those times when you won't be able to wait on the phone for a solution, it's vital that the software platform offer online resources and access to specific people through email.

Understanding features of good internal medicine EMR software can enable your staff to process records and bills in a seamless manner. Work with various medical software vendors so you can use demos and trials to determine the platform most suitable for your practice.


13 September 2017

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