3 Reasons To Invest In A Portable Ultrasound Machine For Your Practice


As a medical provider, your skill and knowledge goes a long way. However, in terms of the care you can provide your patients with, access to technology is equally important. One piece of equipment to consider is a portable ultrasound unit, as it can bring several benefits to your practice.

Faster Patient Care

When a patient walks through the door of your clinic, not only is it your goal to provide them with sufficient care but to also do so in a timely manner. Having a portable ultrasound unit onsite offers this level of capability.

With a portable unit, instead of referring patients out to another site and waiting on their report to be sent back to your office, you can immediately examine and review their images on spot. The latter allows you to help patients get to the bottom of their concerns much faster and get them directed on any necessary treatment programs quickly.

Smaller Investment

The portability aspect of this type of ultrasound machine offers its own level of savings for your practice. When you have a stationary unit, you can only accommodate those patients that are in the same room as the machine, which can also create serious wait time and scheduling issues.

If you have to rely on the use of the machine frequently, you would need to invest in several machines in order to accommodate several patient rooms. With a portable unit, you can simply move the unit around as necessary, minimizing the need for multiple units.

Greater Patient Education

For many people, verbal information isn't always the easiest form of education. Often, a visual example is more effective. A portable ultrasound unit offers this type of example. Since you can move the unit around, you can also rotate it in the direction of the patient so that they can see what you're seeing in real time.

This real-time imaging allows you to explain what you're looking for and any other concerns. When you can provide your patients with a better level of education on their condition, this can help them understand the treatment process better, and it allows them to play a more active role in their own healthcare.

A portable ultrasound machine can provide you with just as many benefits for the operational aspect of your practice as it can the level of care you are able to provide your patients with. Make sure you're keeping these benefits in mind. Check out a supplier like Red Stone Health Care for more information.


3 March 2017

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