Reusable Lab Syringe Tips For Durable Use


Reusable lab syringes are created for precision measurements where the highest degree of accuracy is needed for an experiment. They are used differently than syringes used to administer human shots like vaccines. Lab syringes usually consist of durable materials like glass barrels and stainless steel plungers that can be cleaned with solvents for reuse. To keep your syringes in tip-top shape for accurate experiments, make sure you inspect, use, clean, and store them properly.

10 May 2021

Tips For Buying A Power Recliner When You Have Mobility Issues


If you're starting to have mobility issues, or if you have problems with back pain, you may appreciate owning a power recliner. These recliners operate with the push of a button so they're easy to operate. Plus, they can lift you to a standing position, and that makes getting out of the chair much easier for you. Here are some tips for buying a power recliner. Buy A Recliner That Matches Your Size

17 December 2020

Tips For Finding Another Digital X-Ray Machine For Your Clinic On A Budget


If you run a medical clinic and you have suddenly found yourself without a digital X-ray machine because yours broke, you may be in desperate need for another one. Then again, maybe your machine still works, but your practice is growing at a rapid pace. This is causing you to get extra machines and all other supplies in order to keep up with the increasing demand of patient care. To help you find another digital X-ray machine while working with a budget, you will want to read through the following information.

22 July 2019

Tips For Home Caregivers Assisting With Dialysis


Many people who require dialysis report to a medical facility for their care several times per week. But there are patients who can undergo dialysis at home instead. This is often more comfortable for the patient, and it removes the burden of having to transport the patient to and from the doctor's office so often.  If you have been tasked with assisting a friend or family member with at-home dialysis, here are some tips you can apply to ensure the experience is a good one.

3 November 2018

What Causes Hearing Loss In One Ear?


Loss of hearing in one ear sometimes occurs. This condition is referred to as unilateral deafness or unilateral hearing loss. This condition can make it difficult for you to understand what people are saying in a crowded area, to filter out background noise or to locate the source of a sound. This condition is typically treated as a medical emergency, and you should see a doctor about it as soon as possible.

27 April 2018

Three Keys For Owning And Maintaining Medical Equipment


To be certain that you're running physician's practice to the best of your ability, you'll need to look into medical equipment repair. By looking into repairs, you'll know when it's time to replace some equipment, and when a simple maintenance call is in order. This guide will dive into the different types of medical equipment as well, so that your physician's practice is always giving the best service to all patients.

5 February 2018

Veterinary Anesthesia For Pets Of All Sizes: Accommodating Surgery Needs


Have you ever wondered how a veterinarian does surgery on a gerbil? What about surgery on a horse? Clearly, the vast and varying sizes of pets means that a veterinarian has to be able to anesthetize the animals to keep them quiet and in less pain for the surgeries. So, how does that work? It looks something like this. The Cones of Silence From the smallest pet to the largest one, veterinarians use anesthesia cones as part of their veterinary anesthesia systems.

27 November 2017